Every Wednesday 4pm free online Space lesson

Putting Humans on Mars by 2033

Every Wednesday 4pm free online Space lesson

I am giving a free online lesson every Wednesday at 4 pm (Dutch time) on Janet’s Planet Zoom platform.

Send an email to Janet@janetsplanet.com stating ‘I want to register for lesson’.
Janet Ivey will send you a weblink to a page to register. You will receive a Zoom ID Meeting & password for that lesson. Every work-day someone is giving a Space and Science related lesson. On Wednesdays, I, Artemis Westenberg, CEO of Explore Mars Europe, am giving the lessons.
I am looking forward to your participation and questions

Note: Download Zoom for free by creating a free Zoom account and proceed by downloading the free software.

On Wednesday 8 April 2020, my subject is: ‘Is science male or female?’ I am going to talk about how Science, but also History as written, is not quite gender-neutral. Usually, there is bias involved. How do we recognize bias? How do we learn to avoid it?

On Wednesday 15 April 2020, my subject is ‘Women and Space’ How much science and engineering, and managing of projects is in the hands of women? Quite a bit more than you might be thinking, perhaps.

All lessons will be put online later on.

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